Lean Six Sigma Practice at Accenture

Posted by: meikah | 17 March 2014 | 8:58 pm

Accenture is one of the world’s leading management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing companies. It is servicing 91 of the Fortune Global 100 and over three-fourths of the Fortune Global 500 companies. Its BPO delivery network reaches 400 clients with operations in 120 countries and in 39 different languages. With that extent, defects have no room in their operations.

To ensure quality all throughout their processes, Accenture embarked on an ambitious project, Lean Six Sigma. They went into their quality journey in phases:

And this is how they rolled out their Six Sigma Training:

Presented by Jeffrey Solis, Delivery Excellence Specialist and Quality Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt at Accenture Philippines at the recently concluded The 4th Lean Six Sigma Conference 2014

Although, their Lean Six Sigma initiative is young, already the company is enjoying some benefits. Revenues in the fiscal year 2013 amounted to $28.6 billion.

My takeaway:

  1. There is no fixed rule in deployment. One thing unique about their deployment is that top management initiated the program, then cascaded it to the employees. After which, they involved the middle management. What’s important is commitment to process improvement.
  2. Investing in continuous improvement training brings in unprecedented results.
  3. Diverse services and client base are not hindrances to performing well. The key is to have a clear goal, well-oiled processes, and an efficient training program.
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Check out the New Gemba Live Videos!

Posted by: meikah | 17 March 2014 | 8:49 pm

Kaizen: “Improvement by every body every day everywhere, improve!”

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Infographic: Process Excellence League Tables – Regional and Industry Hotspots

Posted by: meikah | 4 March 2014 | 8:52 pm

Click on the link below to view the whole Infographic.

Infographic – Process Excellence League Tables – Regional and Industry Hotspots

I got this useful data from Veronica Araujo, Senior Marketing Manager at PEX Network (a division of IQPC), who shared the link on the Lean Six Sigma page on LinkedIn. This Infographic is done in preparation for the Process Transformation Week.

PEX Network will be publishing a full report on Process Transformation and Change: Regional and Industry Perspectives in the next few weeks.

Now, I wonder how the data would look like here in the Asian region.

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Process Improvement and Continuity

Posted by: meikah | 18 February 2014 | 10:12 pm

I’ve written about process improvement and business process management, and clearly, we can’t get enough of this topic.

One of my favorite quotes on processes is this, “Problem is caused by 95% system and 5% human.” Got this from Lean6Sigma. Another one is by Peter Drucker which goes, “There is nothing so useless, as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all.”

These have been my guiding principles ever since I took on the operations in my organization. At the onset, we reviewed the system, put in place processes that were not there before, but which were needed. We streamlined processes that took a lot of time, yet didn’t produce extraordinary results. Processes that were improved during that time were our recruitment and pre-recruitment skills training.

Around that time, too, we were able to maximize a software that we developed that keeps everyone in the loop. That ran for about a couple of years without much hitches, up until mid of last year when we saw the need to review the processes again.

So, in our strategic planning early this year, we reviewed the processes and found out loopholes because some steps are either missing or deemed to be done by some persons, or it is no longer applicable, or it was a closed process failing to inter-loop with other processes. We were creating silos. No wonder, some get lost in the scheme of things.

It’s really good to regularly review processes for them to be part of your system, and eventually when it is practiced efficiently, it becomes part of the culture.

I’m glad I attended workshops and conferences that helped me come up with a guide to review processes. Now, I have good news for you.

On March 11 and 12, 2014, Fiera de Manila, Inc. once again brings you The 4th Lean Six Sigma Conference. It is happening at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Philippines. The conference presents an opportunity to revolutionize your business processes. Find out and discover how you can drive your process management strategies and innovation program closer to your customers. Thought leadership and shared learnings through case studies will inspire you to drive high performance-level after attending this conference.

Visit their Facebook Page for more information and updates. Sign up now!

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Business Analysis: Defining Organizational Requirements and Identifying Effective Solutions

Posted by: meikah | 28 January 2014 | 1:34 am

Click on the image to view the bigger version.

The Lean Six Sigma Conference is now on its 4th year. It’s happening on March 11-12 2014 in Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

Prior to the conference, Fiera de Manila, the organizer, is holding a Business Analysis seminar on March 7, 2014. This is a pre-conference seminar to prepare participants for the 2-day Lean Six Sigma Conference.

Business Analysis is a set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization. By doing business analysis also, you are able to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.

This seminar is a high-level appreciation of Business Analysis as a distinct discipline. It discusses the use of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge in embedding quality practices and implementing quality methodologies in an organization.

Participants will learn how to identify and translate business goals and needs into solutions, and use them to derive both functional and non-functional requirements.

At the end of the seminar, the participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish the scope of responsibilities of a business analyst working on the ‘business-side’ from a business analyst working on the IT/ Technology-side.
  • Explain the various knowledge areas in business analysis.
  • Model business workflow using use cases and activity diagrams.
  • Present the distinction among levels of requirements.
  • Write good business & solution requirements based on international standards and best practices.
  • Trace requirements from business to transition requirements.
Find out more about the key topics and speaker HERE.

 In today’s business environment, you will realize that you will need a business analyst in your organization. A business analyst can perform business analysis activities, no matter what their job title or organizational role maybe.

Reserve your seats now!

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The Lean Start-up Framework

Posted by: meikah | 28 January 2014 | 12:41 am

Image Source

It’s the new year, and so a good time to start a business. In fact, according to the Chinese, this is an auspicious time for business for those born this year (Year of the Horse).

But before you all get excited, to plan is a step toward success already. Plan your business start-up first. And what better way to do that but to start with a good strategy: the lean.

Eric Ries, the 34-year-old start-up advisor and leader of t he Lean start-up movement shares his Lean Start-up Framework. He discovers this after failing in 2 of his start-up businesses. In a lean start-up, the focus is not on the product but on how you and your product can solve the customers’ problems.

Take a look at these six (6) core themes of lean start-up.

  1. Eliminate uncertainty
  2. Work smarter, not harder
  3. Minimum viable product
  4. Validated learning
  5. Innovation accounting
  6. Build-measure-learn

Continue reading for how each one works and their implications HERE.

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Practitioners’ Lean Six Sigma Predictions for 2014

Posted by: meikah | 23 January 2014 | 2:50 am

Photo credit

It’s a new year, and that means new challenges for the business.

I know you have been working on your processes the whole of 2013, and leveraging strategies such as Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Kanban, among other things.

So what’s in store for Lean Six Sigma this 2014? Some practitioners were asked and here’s what they have to say:

Kaj Ahlmann, Owner
Six Sigma Ranch & Winery
“Think process, not silo, and focus on the customer [the voice of the customer…”

Dr. Charles Brandon, Director, Performance Improvement Office
U.S. Department of Defense
“There will be a renewed emphasis on understanding and tapping into the skillsets the continuous process improvement (CPI)/LSS practioner brings to the table. More organizations will endeavor to involve CPI/LSS during the initial stages of program/project definition, allowing for an astute incorporation of progressive management philosophies and techniques during the definition of an effort…”

Gary G. Jing, LDFSS Deployment Leader, Master Black Belt
Tyco Electronics, Telecom
“Start off with Lean to address the big-picture view and everything else it can, and use Six Sigma to fill the voids.”

Eric Maass, PhD, Engineering Program Director, DRM/DFSS and Lead Master Black Belt
“We are progressing toward a more proactive approach incorporating more Lean Six Sigma principles and less reactive, blind adoption, meaning more products are being designed for high yield and high reliability without rework, and processes are “born” Lean, consistent with Lean principles and ready for production ramp-up.”

Daniel Stoelb, Regional Lean Leader
“Continuing to work in the trenches to help improve the percentage of success with Lean and Six Sigma through the leadership and people side.”

Damon Werner, Director, Six Sigma, Master Black Belt
McKesson Connected Care & Analytics
“(Work on) efficiencies gained in our process improvement efforts in the area of implementations.”


What is your prediction?

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The 4th Six Sigma and Process Excellence Improvement 2013

Posted by: meikah | 1 July 2013 | 11:01 pm

Fiera de Manila, Inc. brings you once again a fully packed back-to-back workshop-conference on improving your business process.

The pre-conference seminar, Business Analysis: Defining Organizational Requirements and Identifying Effective Solutions, is happening on August 7th 14th 2013 at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Conference Center.

Then the conference proper, The 4th Six Sigma and Process Improvement Conference 2013, will be on from August 8th 15th and 9th 16th at the Hotel Intercontinental Makati.

These activities will give you a closer look at how Business Process Management and Six Sigma as methodologies have significantly improved organizational performance and as drivers to innovation.

Top Reasons to Attend

  1. Understand the Six Sigma methodologies to drive and sustain organizational performance
  2. Learn to integrate Six Sigma in your business processes
  3. Know the latest customer thinking strategies
  4. Leverage on innovation and change management approaches to process excellence
  5. Learn from various case studies of Six Sigma application
  6. Network up-close and personal with Six Sigma Experts and Quality Practitioners

For more info, visit their website or their Facebook Page.


Original schedule is changed because it might fall on a holiday. Please mark your calendars for the new dates.

Register now!

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How Do You Describe Six Sigma in Three Words?

Posted by: meikah | 6 December 2012 | 10:25 pm

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A month ago, Ian Mitchell, Programme Director at American Express in Warrington, United Kingdom, posted on the Lean Six Sigma LinkedIn group, this question: How do you describe Six Sigma in 3 words?

A flurry of interesting answers came pouring in. My reply was:

Establish. Measure. Improve.

(I can’t make this image clearer, so please click on it to view the bigger version.)

You can see some of the other replies in the image, too. As of this time, there are 233 replies. Let me share with you some more:

Craig Cunning CAPM • Clean, Efficient, Effective

Roger LaFleur • Monitored Controlled Variables

Ian Robertson • Process variation control

Albert xu • tools, ways , culture

Ken Albrecht • Processes Precisely Performed

Parthasarathy Bhaumik • Opportunity, Alignment, Success

What about you, how do you describe Six Sigma in 3 words?

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Quality Quiz from PQ Systems e-Line

Posted by: meikah | 11 October 2012 | 1:55 am

PQ Systems through it’s Quality eline newsletter brings us another quality quiz by Professor Leary.

For this month’s quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Quality Gamebox, submit your response by October 26 to be entered in the drawing.

Take the quiz:

Yuna Laterill is president of Sound Waves, a company that produces small portable radios used in survival kits. The company has been experiencing dramatically declining sales, primarily because an offshore competitor is able to provide higher quality radios at lower prices. Since we visited the company in last month’s quiz, sales revenues have continued to drop even further.

Continue on with the quiz…

Winners of last month’s quiz and a copy of Quality Gamebox:

Sheryl Cobb (University Health System)
Paul Humphrey (Kimball)
Leeanna Kirkland (O’Neal Steel)
Mark O’Brien (AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd)


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