Does Being a Six Sigma Certified Save You Your Job?

Posted by: meikah | 28 April 2009 | 7:38 pm

Layoffs seem to be the trend these days. I can’t say I blame all the companies who had to let go of their employees. I know many of them had thought long and hard before laying off people. Times are just hard and they have no choice but to streamline or cease business.

Over at SixSigmatuts, it appears that certified Six Sigma practitioners have a lower rate of being laid off than those who are not. A study can attest to this. Here are the results:

  • There is a statistically significant lower layoff rate between those that are training in the Six Sigma methodology and those who have not.
  • People who have not been trained and certified in Six Sigma are twice as likely to lose their job than certified Green Belts.

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Well, if this were true, and you are a certified Six Sigma practitioner then you’re among the lucky ones. :)

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