Update on Six Sigma in the Philippines – Part 1

Posted by: meikah | 28 September 2011 | 12:06 am

Last August, I attended the Six Sigma Conference 2011 at Hotel Intercontinental Manila. It has been a while since the last Six Sigma Best Practices that I attended way back in 2009.

True enough, I learned a lot of new things about Six Sigma, process improvement strategies that many Philippine-based companies have been using.

The key speaker of that conference was none other than the premier Six Sigma practitioner in the Philippines: Dan Lachica, President and CEO of First Philec Solar Corporation.

According to Lachica, Six Sigma is three things:

  1. A statistical measurement
  2. A business strategy
  3. A philosophy

And then he went on to offer a simplified definition of DMAIC, a breakthrough strategy:

Define –  Define the project GOAL & customer (internal & external) deliverables.

Measure – Establish a deeper understanding of the problem by searching for the potential root causes.

Analyze – Analyze and determine the root causes  of the problem.

Improve –  Implement the best parameter settings that will solve the problem and lead to improvement.

Control – Implement control system to sustain the improvement.

Dan Lachica also believes that to achieve operational excellence, a company has to create and nurture a Six Sigma culture. And Six Sigma alone cannot do the trick. With the present challenges in the business and economy, one needs a collaboration of all relevant strategies and work them out efficiently together.

Thus, he develops the Lachica Model:

Integrate Lean, Lean Sigma, Six Sigma, BPM/MBNQA/PQA, ISO, and TQM

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