Process Excellence in Healthcare: Using the Lean Six Sigma Approach

Posted by: meikah | 18 July 2012 | 4:03 am

During the Managing Risk and Performance Through Business Process Management conference last March, Makati Medical Center shared their process excellence journey.

Makati Medical Center is one the premier hospitals in the country, and knowing that they are still working on improving their services is something else. It makes you trust them more. Trust is a big thing in the healthcare industry.

Makat Med’s journey started when they reviewed their admissions process flow.

 They found the following root causes of the delay in transferring a patient:

  • tedious manual coordination for bed between units
  • longer time spent on calls
  • no visual availability of beds
  • longer time spent on generation of reports
  • limited room request confirmation

The solution: Lean Six Sigma…

  1. by creating a bed management dashboard – reduced coordination time and there’s now a real-time bed availability, thus wait time is reduced
  2. outsourced admissions call to a call center, thus less phone time for Admissions personnel. Through the call center, patients now have easier access.
  3. as a result, pre-admission activities are done faster

To further improve the hospital also did this:

Like any other improvement, Makati Med management admits that this is a continuous journey. They will study their patient care processes and will improve them. What’s important is they went right into it.

The result: The JCI Gold Seal of Approval – an affirmation  of Makati Medical Center’s passion for excellent patient care.

Now you know where to go for your healthcare needs.

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2 Responses to “Process Excellence in Healthcare: Using the Lean Six Sigma Approach”

  1. Mark Graban says :

    Thanks for sharing this on linkedin. You call this “Lean Six Sigma,” but it looks like the Lean methodology. What was the Six Sigma component of this improvement work?

  2. meikah says :

    Hi Mark, sorry for getting back to you rather late. The Six Sigma there was their use of data and standard deviation to come up with improvements on wait time.

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