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Posted by: meikah | 28 July 2005 | 4:29 am

Interestingly, we see uses of Six Sigma in industries other than manufacturing and services.

During one of my researches, I found my way to Michael Marx’s article titled Six Sigma Helps Columnist Hesh Reinfeld Improve Writing? In the article, Hesh Reinfeld, a Pittsburgh-based business columnist and humorist, called on Six Sigma black belt Harry (obviously referring to Mikel Harry) to explain an alleged dwindling interest in his columns.

Some of Harry’s analyses were:

* column was read a dismal 83 percent, my columns were not as funny as in the past
* letters to the editor were few in actual number and therefore statistically insignificant.

Reinfeld wanted to blame his editor for placing his columns next to the legal notices. But Harry rejoined, “Hogwash. It is not a critical piece of data. Six Sigma requires we identify the root cause.” Afterwhich Harry assessed Reinfeld’s supply chain. Harry told Reinfeld that he no longer had enough quality raw material for his columns.

Using Six Sigma of course, Harry offered the solutions. One of the solutions was found in a two-page report.

“…to standardize the process for me. Seven paragraphs, 622 words, four quotes, 3 question marks and only one exclamation point. Each story needed to mention my wife.”

This column is a good fodder for Six Sigma practitioners out there. Read on

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