Six Sigma Could be the Secret of Bank of America

Posted by: meikah | 16 September 2008 | 9:45 pm

The finance world trembled at the news of Lehman Brothersannouncement of bankruptcy. And we all know that when big financial insitutions like Lehman fails, the economy takes a deep lingering breath.

Merrill Lynch, nother financial institution would have gone the say way as Lehman, had it not gotten its much needed help.

Despite the economic crisis, Bank of America keeps afloat. In fact, it has just announced a $50 billion acquisition of Merrill Lynch. Viewed diffrently by different sectors, the acquisition is deemed to make Bank of American sturdier, and into becoming a financial global empire.

To be able make that acquisition, Bank of America shows everyone that the bank is sound. And this could be attributed to its Six Sigma initiatives. It has been about seven years that Bank of America embarked on its Six Sigma journey.

The stories below will tell us the Bank of America Six Sigma journey. Check them out!

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