Six Sigma Companies News: Boeing’s Troubles

Posted by: meikah | 16 April 2009 | 9:00 pm

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Here’s another edition of Six Sigma Companies News. Boeing is another Six Sigma company that is trying to keep afloat during this crisis.

Last year, we heard about workers’ strike, and workers returning back to work after ending strike. The airline industry was happy that Boeing was able to resolve its issue with the workers. A company like Boeing when it halts operations affects the whole aviation business.

Now, latest news has it that Boeing stock dips after analyst dowgrade.

Shares of aerospace giant Boeing fell Monday, as analysts lowered ratings and earnings estimates for the company following its announcement last week that it would cut production of wide-body jets.

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Six Sigma Company News Feature: Boeing Co.

Posted by: meikah | 25 September 2008 | 7:38 pm

Everyone knows that Boeing Co. is a Six Sigma company. Yet, right now it’s sailing through rough waters: employees on strike, production backlogs, thus resulting in financial crisis.

Here’s Boeing’s Six Sigma story.

So, how did the company ever come to this?

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Innovation of the Week: Jim McNerney’s Thoughts on Innovation and Invention

Posted by: meikah | 7 August 2008 | 9:42 pm

sixsig innovation of the weekTo invent is to discover and to innovate is to renew.

Jim McNerney, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Boeing Company, shares his thoughts as the inaugural speaker of the James R. Mellor Lecture Series.

McNerney speaks:

Dean Munson, thank you very much for a very generous introduction.

Long before the Wright brothers invented it, people dreamed of human, powered flight. We know that from the many myths and fables about flight.

In ancient Greek mythology, Daedalus built the famous Labyrinth in Crete — and was later imprisoned in his own invention. (We’ll come back to that in a minute.) Ever resourceful, Daedalus made wings out of feathers tied together with linen threads and fastened with wax. Rising on their wings, Daedalus and his son Icarus escaped the Labyrinth.

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