DHL’s Six Sigma Mandate

Posted by: meikah | 3 March 2010 | 8:25 pm

DHL Six Sigma Mandate

Last year, I shared with you DHL‘s DMAIC initiative and how the company is successfully satisfying customers because of it.

In another article, DHL’s Six Sigma Mandate is described by Jonathon O’Leary, head of First Choice Program in the Asia Pacific as follows:

The First Choice approach comes via the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) methodology and the Lean process. While DMAIC arrived at DHL from technology companies such as GE and Motorola, Lean has its origins in manufacturing.

“We started off with support from external consultants and a lot of these external consultants came from GE and Motorola, so it’s kind of the link we have with them,” O’Leary says. “There are also some key people within our organisation that we have from GE and Motorola as well.”

Motorola is also one of the customers who have responded to DHL’s customer satisfaction survey.

“We’re very open about the initiatives we’re working on,” O’Leary says. “If they say ‘we’ve got a documentation accuracy issue’, say from Shanghai to Brazil, we’ll work on initiatives and we’ll share them with all our documentation because they’re on the same mindset. They’re thinking along the same process lines.” 

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DHL Uses DMAIC to Improve Customer Service

Posted by: meikah | 24 November 2009 | 10:32 pm

DHL launches a strategy (as its CEO wants to call it a mindset instead of a program) called First Choice to better serve its customers. The goal of First Choice is to build a culture of excellence and constant improvement. First Choice aims to empower each employee across levels of the organization.


By going through DMAIC.

With First Choice, the employees themselves would be carrying out these processes in their respective divisions. DHL is effectively passing on a huge responsibility to its employees, allowing them to come up with their own initiatives and implement these as well—a move few companies may risk to take.

Started in 2007, the First Choice methodology was initially tested and improved in eight pilot projects.

Since the test phase was concluded, 225 group units—representing more than 80 percent of the company’s consolidated revenues—have been implementing the First Choice program. Over 3,000 initiatives have already been carried out and 6,200 workshops, conducted.

In the Philippines, DHL cited a specific case where the First Choice team was able to devise an innovative buddy system, slashing invoice turnaround time from 3.7 days to only one day.

According to DHL, invoicing must be a straightforward process, but this has not been the case for DHL Global Forwarding Philippines.

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DHL Uses Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 15 December 2008 | 9:29 pm

Six Sigma at DHLI think we are in the season of sending gifts all over the world. Just yesterday, Wizheart and I sent out our second batch of gifts and cards to friends and family. We used another courier, though.

DHL published a press release (this press release was also published on Market Watch but is no longer available) saying that DHL is using Six Sigma to deliver and sort mails and packages. As a result, the company can now boast of speedy package delivery. The DHL Global Mail now performs the most advanced sorting by destination–using all 5 digits of the ZIP Code–on 83 percent of customer parcels nationwide.

According to the press release:

DHL Global Mail increased the use of 5-digit ZIP Code sorting for packages, which has also reduced shipment delays, under a major initiative to enhance their parcel service. After seeing a large jump in the volume of packages that customers were shipping, the company reengineered their parcel process this year using exacting Six Sigma methodology. In addition to changing their sorting schemes to reach the 5-digit ZIP Code level with even more packages, DHL Global Mail reorganized the footprints of their processing facilities to streamline operations and optimize performance.

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Lightning Six Sigma at DHL Exel Supply Chain

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Lightning Six Sigma at DHL Exel Supply Chain

Posted by: meikah | 10 November 2008 | 7:29 pm

Lightning Six Sigma at DHL Exel Supply ChainFrom its name alone, Lightning Six Sigma means speedy resolutions to Six Sigma initiatives. DHL Exel Supply Chain began its Six Sigma about four years ago.

Lightning Six Sigma followed. It is implemented in targeted areas, processes on particular sites and customers within the company’s contract logistics operations. The initiative is viewed as a way of getting quicker results than one would expect with a Six Sigma traditional deployment.

So what is Lightning Six Sigma? Why Lightning Six Sigma? When is Lightning Sigma best deployed? Where to Run Lightning Sigma Events? Who needs to be engaged in Lighting Six Sigma events? How to deploy Lightning Six Sigma?

Get your answers HERE.

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