Insights from Thomas Farrell, Six Sigma and Business Improvement 2009 CEO of the Year

Posted by: meikah | 3 March 2010 | 7:55 pm

Last year, The Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Awards, organized by WCBF, awarded Thomas Farrell as the Six Sigma and Business Improvement CEO of the Year.

Now, hear from him. Click here for his insights.

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Dominion Resources Goes Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 7 October 2008 | 8:59 pm

It’s common knowledge that airlines have their share of problems, and so does the entire travel industry. From ticketing to advance purchases to claiming to refunds, and no-shows, all these incur expenses, and when not managed well, losses.

Thus, an effective process improvement methodology would do the industry a lot of good.

This is the reason why Dominion Resources, Inc. goes into Six Sigma. Led by its director of travel and corporate services Donna Kelliher, Dominion is able to implement a holistic Six Sigma approach to their processes. As Ms. Kelliher puts it:

“it’s in our DNA”–Six Sigma offers a kind of brand awareness that brings integrity to unpopular policies, support for counterintuitive conclusions and buy-in from frequent travelers.

Based on their Six Sigma practitioners, Dominion has applied Six Sigma to the following:

  • analyses of advance purchase and nonrefundable fares
  • compliance to preferred hotel policies
  • 24/7 travel agency services
  • value added tax reclaim
  • and considering an “express” project examining airline contracts

How Dominion uses Six Sigma to improve their services as described in the Procurement Travel article is quite commendable.

The article further discusses the cost and losses incurred from tickets purchased in advance. All the while, I thought advance purchases are generally good for airlines. Read more…

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