Process Improvement and Continuity

Posted by: meikah | 18 February 2014 | 10:12 pm

I’ve written about process improvement and business process management, and clearly, we can’t get enough of this topic.

One of my favorite quotes on processes is this, “Problem is caused by 95% system and 5% human.” Got this from Lean6Sigma. Another one is by Peter Drucker which goes, “There is nothing so useless, as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all.”

These have been my guiding principles ever since I took on the operations in my organization. At the onset, we reviewed the system, put in place processes that were not there before, but which were needed. We streamlined processes that took a lot of time, yet didn’t produce extraordinary results. Processes that were improved during that time were our recruitment and pre-recruitment skills training.

Around that time, too, we were able to maximize a software that we developed that keeps everyone in the loop. That ran for about a couple of years without much hitches, up until mid of last year when we saw the need to review the processes again.

So, in our strategic planning early this year, we reviewed the processes and found out loopholes because some steps are either missing or deemed to be done by some persons, or it is no longer applicable, or it was a closed process failing to inter-loop with other processes. We were creating silos. No wonder, some get lost in the scheme of things.

It’s really good to regularly review processes for them to be part of your system, and eventually when it is practiced efficiently, it becomes part of the culture.

I’m glad I attended workshops and conferences that helped me come up with a guide to review processes. Now, I have good news for you.

On March 11 and 12, 2014, Fiera de Manila, Inc. once again brings you The 4th Lean Six Sigma Conference. It is happening at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Philippines. The conference presents an opportunity to revolutionize your business processes. Find out and discover how you can drive your process management strategies and innovation program closer to your customers. Thought leadership and shared learnings through case studies will inspire you to drive high performance-level after attending this conference.

Visit their Facebook Page for more information and updates. Sign up now!

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Podcast: How Lean Six Sigma Gets Organization to Listen to its Customers

Posted by: meikah | 22 October 2010 | 1:34 am

SixSigmaiQ puts out this podcast featuring David Haigh.

About the Podcast

David Haigh, Process Excellence Manager at Johnson & Johnson, speaks about how Lean Six Sigma can get your organization to listen to its customer and separate work from waste. In addition, Haigh shares some of his dashboards knowledge that he will be presenting at the upcoming IQPC 6th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit in Toronto, Canada, from February 22-24, 2010.

Listen now!

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Happy Memorial Day!

Posted by: meikah | 31 May 2010 | 8:22 pm
 ”The history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership, by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity.”
Mahatma Gandhi
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Upcoming Lean, Six Sigma Conferences on

Posted by: meikah | 2 July 2009 | 8:23 pm, the most comprehensive online directory of conferences around the world, has listed a good number of Lean and Six Sigma conferences in the coming months.

Check out the list below.

For more conferences, visit and subscribe to

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The Oil Industry Looks at Six Sigma as Savior

Posted by: meikah | 14 April 2009 | 9:55 pm

iSixSigma Live! Energy Forum

In a press release on MarketWatch, oil industry visionaries foresee a decrease in consumption of gasoline. Thus, energy companies see the need to use their resources more efficiently to maintain and grow revenue and profit.

To address this need, iSixSigma Live! sets an Energy Forum for Process Excellence in Houston, the energy capital of the world, on May 19-22. The workshop will detail how upstream and downstream energy companies can spend fewer resources and achieve faster results.

One of the goals of the workshop is:

Explore, understand and discuss ways for you to integrate and apply Strategic Process Management, Lean and Six Sigma, to rapidly improve your business performance.

Register now!

Via: MarketWatch Press Release

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Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Upcoming Conferences

Posted by: meikah | 24 February 2009 | 8:05 pm

Six Sigma events on GoingToMeet.com8th Annual Lean & Six Sigma and Business Improvement in Healthcare Summit
InterContinental New Orleans Luxury Hotel New Orleans, Louisiana United States
Mar 17, 2009 – Mar 20, 2009

Lean Six Sigma – 3rd edition
Blue Tree Towers Faria Lima, Sao Paulo Brazil
Mar 30, 2009 – Apr 01, 2009

Lean Six Sigma for Military
Grapevine/Dallas, Texas United States
Apr 21, 2009 – Apr 21, 2009

11th Annual Design for Six Sigma: A Total System Approach
Chicago, Illinois United States
Apr 27, 2009 – Apr 29, 2009

WCBF’s Green Six Sigma
Chicago, Illinois United States
May 12, 2009 – May 14, 2009

WCBFs 5th Annual Lean & Six Sigma in Sales & Marketing Conference
Chicago, Illinois United States
Jun 03, 2009 – Jun 05, 2009

For more events and related events, subscribe to now!

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What Your Lean and Six Sigma People Don’t Want You to Know

Posted by: meikah | 6 January 2009 | 11:45 pm

Catch this Live Internet Broadcast.
Sponsored by Realization Technologies
Thursday, January 22, 2009 – 2:00 p.m. EST (GMT -05:00, New York)
Estimated Length: 1 hour

This IndustryWeek-hosted presentation will cover:

  • Why lean and Six Sigma projects often do not produce measurable results in project environments
  • How the management policies you set cause an impact on the success of projects
  • How management typically measures success, and why those measurements often cause projects to be less effective
  • How to prioritize which areas should be targeted for improvement programs
  • How companies like Boeing and Delta Air Lines are achieving between 25%-40% more throughput that Lean and Six Sigma alone did not deliver

Click here for more info and to register.

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Happy Holidays!

Posted by: meikah | 24 December 2008 | 3:40 am

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SixSig Looks at Some Important Data on Thanksgiving Day

Posted by: meikah | 27 November 2008 | 12:25 am

Six Sigma is a data-driven initiative, and so if you are to apply it to any process, you must start with some data.

Over at ThomasNet, they shared Thanksgiving by the Numbers. Figures that will matter to mostly service industries, e.g. hospitality, transportation, retail, among others.



  • 41 Million – The number of Americans anticipated to travel more than 50 miles from home this Thanksgiving weekend [Source: AAA]
  • 33.2 Million – Holiday travelers expected to go via car, a 1.2 percent decrease from 2007 [Source: AAA]
  • $1.89 – National average price of gasoline per gallon as of Nov. 24 [Source: Energy Information Administration]


  • 34% – The percentage of shoppers hitting the stores on “Black Friday” — the day after Thanksgiving [Source: Maritz, Inc.]
  • $875 – Amount to be spent on gifts by 33 percent of Black Friday shoppers; 17 percent plan to spend over $1,000 [Source: Maritz, Inc.]
  • 1.2% – Expected sales gain on Black Friday, down 7.1 percentage points from last year’s 8.3 percent sales increase [Source: BDO Seidman, LLP]

Read more…

To my friends in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving!

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