Six Sigma Saves the Fortune 500 $427 Billion

Posted by: meikah | 14 January 2007 | 11:18 pm

About nineteen years after Motorola introduced Six Sigma as a methodology to improve processes by eliminating defects, Six Sigma is still alive and benefitting companies all over the world.

iSixSigma Magazine‘s latest Jan-Feb 2007 issue features Six Sigma helping Fortune 500 companies to save $427B. Michael Marx, iSixSigma research manager points out the following:

  • corporate-wide Six Sigma deployments save an average 2 percent of total revenue per year
  • about 53 percent of Fortune 500 companies are currently using Six Sigma, and that figure rises to 82 percent with the Fortune 100
  • the market for Six Sigma training and consulting is still very much open, referring to the 47 percent of the Fortune 500 that have not yet embraced the methodology

As Michael Marx said, this should stop some quarters who are still harbor disbelief that Six Sigma actually works.

Source: iSixSigma Magazine, Six Sigma Saves Fortune 500 $427 Billion

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Fortune 500 Blog Project: Boeing

Posted by: meikah | 20 November 2006 | 1:18 am

Today, I am posting my contribution to the Fortune 500 Blog Review Series Project. Being keen on Six Sigma, of course I chose a Six Sigma company, Boeing, at #26 of the Fortune 500 company. Aside from checking out their blogs, I also hope to get a glimpse of the organization’s Six Sigma culture. Check out one of Boeing’s Six Sigma projects in this site’s Six Sigma Links Library, “Problem-solving approach helps team pinpoint solution.”

Boeing Blog is a blog by Randy Baseler, VP of marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The blog expands on what Randy shares with people about Boeing and its place in commercial aviation. You will read about what’s inside the Boeing organization, and insights into the commercial airplane business.

As of writing, the blog is 23 months old, with its pilot entry dated January 17, 2005. It is updated three to four times a month. Only Randy writes and his posts may be long or short depending on the topic, and probably gravity of the topic. Not many links to other blogs. If there are any links, they are to Boeing reports or projects.

Newsfeeds are through RSS and Atom. Comments are allowed and sort of centralized. When you want to comment, you have to specify the subject of the post you want to comment on. So at every entry, you don’t see the comment. You have to go to the comments archived yet. Comments are moderated and there are guidelines on commenting or use of the info and images on the blog. Overall, the blog is a very good resource on Boeing. Randy Baseler is not its marketing guru for nothing.

I keyed in “Boeing blogs” in Google and I found quite a number of blogs talking or mentioning about Boeing Blog. These mentions however are old. They were done mostly last year. Micro Persuasion for example, announced the second Boeing blog, Flight Test Journal with its last post was dated December 22, 2005. This blog was for engineers and test pilots of Boeing’s new 777-200LR Worldliner who wanted to talk about how they’re preparing the world’s longest-range commercial airplane ready for commercial service.

Heather Green of Blogspotting also mentioned Boeing Blog, and saying that it is good example of a company effectively using a blog to discuss directly some critical points made by a Boeing fan about the next generation 787 Dreamliner passenger plane.

Other blogs that mention Boeing Blog last year are Cyberlibris, Sound Politics, Buzzworthy, and SixApart-ProNet to announce the Boeing blog’s relaunch.

Going back to the Flight Test Journal, it was one interesting blog. Lasting only eight months, as long as the flight test of 777-200LR, I learned a lot about airline testing and all the nitty gritty, such as quality assurance and technicals, before an airplane is declared safe to fly. Even though, the blog is old, it’s still worth checking out for it is a well of good information.

I will research more and give you updates on Boeing Blog in the days to come.

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