The Best of Six Sigma Practice in the Philippines: IBM Services

Posted by: meikah | 13 July 2009 | 8:56 pm

This is in continuation of the Best of Six Sigma Practices in the Philippines Benchmarking Forum I attended last April. I have shared with you Bank of Philippine Islands’ Best Practices.

Today, I will be sharing those of IBM Business Services.

For one, the company perhaps has the most number of Black Belts, Green Belts, and Yellow Belts. They really train their people for Six Sigma. Then they combine Quality methodologies and Lean, and then Six Sigma in their initiatives. This is what they do.

  • QIPs (Quality Initiatives Programs) – all employees should complete at least 1 QIP for the year. The QIP encourages all employees to think of a bright idea, share it, and work on it.
  • QPIC (Quality, Plan, Improve, and Control) and DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) – the company uses the two to improve their processes. QPIC for projects with initial root causes and potential solution identified. DMAIC for projects without initial root causes and potential solution identified.

The Benefits of Six Sigma programs to IBS:

  • contributed to numerous productivity improvement and quality improvement benefits – approximately USD3.2M annualized Level 1-5 savings and USD2.7M Level 1 (Hard) savings for 2008
  • total of 195 trained Six Sigma specialists in the center and 100% Six Sigma oriented population
  • turned around two unsatisfied clients to become referenceable after implementing Six Sigma in their domains
  • the Manila Delivery Center Six Sigma program has been lauded by clients as world-class and has been one of the key selling points during client presentations

Some of the success factors:

  • sound infrastructure in place to support the Six Sigma program
  • ownership/accountability of front-line supervisors and middle managers
  • well-trained Six Sigma Black Belts
  • 100% support from top management and Mnila senior management

The important thing is that IBM Services reward their people for a job well done. Project teams are given the 6S Milestone Award, which is 10% of the total annualized hard savings of the project.

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