NYISO Enhances Website Response Time Through Lean Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 23 July 2008 | 9:48 pm

lean six sigma at NYISOThe response time of New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) website has improved a lot. Users are now able to enter and navigate the site much faster and more easily.

The NYISO’s website is important to a lot of people, especially those involved in and affected by news and policies in the transmission and generation, and other power supply industry. The site contains news and information about the bulk electricity grid and wholesale electricity markets in New York State.

The team of NYISO employees tasked with improving website response time attribute their success to Lean Six Sigma. In doing so, here are what they have accomplished:

  1. reduced the site’s average page download time from 17.3 to 3.3 seconds
  2. improved the downloading the site’s home page more than 1200 percent – from 18 to 1.3 seconds
  3. reduced the number of templates, combining computer script and compressing graphics, so that dozens of nyiso.com portals were accelerated

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I can say that NYISO has the good sense to think of their users. Other websites don’t seem to care at all!

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Innovation of the Week: Sitemasher’s Platforms

Posted by: meikah | 27 June 2008 | 2:06 am

sixsig innovation of the weekSitemasher, a Vancouver-based start-up company received the inaugural Blue Sky Award, which recognizes leading innovation developed on the Microsoft-based platform.

Mediacaster Magazine reports:

Established in 2007, Sitemasher is a SaaS-based platform for building, managing, and optimizing sophisticated websites.

Phil Calvin, chief technical officer, began developing Sitemasher in 2005. He was intent on transcending traditional website building platforms and Web content management system (CMS) solutions by providing an integrated, search-engine friendly platform to address the entire website lifecycle.

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A Six Sigma in Your Shopping Experience

Posted by: meikah | 26 November 2007 | 8:44 pm

It’s the time of year again of cheer and giving: Christmas. So what do people do? They either rush to the stores and shop or sit in their comfortable chairs, turn on their PC and click-shop away.

With the former, shoppers only need to survive traffic (especially for the last-minute shoppers), crowded shops, and long queues. When management see these, they can always create reroutes or detours to eas up traffic, open more counters. In other words, the action can be immediate.

six sigma online shopping It’s different though with online shopping experience. Shoppers will have to deal with downtime, erroneous checkouts, or order status is unavailable. The statistics of online shoppers is growing and perhaps it’s good to look at it with Six Sigma eyes.

Over at iSixSigma, I found two interesting articles on how Six Sigma can be applied to your online shopping experience. The first article touches on the growing figures of online shopping and how was it so far. The second article details the metrics and Six Sigma levels for online shopping. Check them out:

Online Holiday Shopping at 2 Sigma
Metrics and Sigma Levels for Online Shopping

Here’s wishing everyone a holiday shopping experience at 6 Sigma! :)

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SixSig is (Partially) Back!

Posted by: meikah | 25 October 2007 | 8:17 pm

For more than a week, SixSig was down. So un-Six Sigma right? A blog about Six Sigma should have known how to prevent a downtime. :)

Well, the downtime hit me right when I was not expecting it, which is usually the case. We all know that downtime can be costly.

In manufacturing, downtime usually occurs during maintenance check of equipment or worse, a sudden breakdown of equipment. This can be prevented by putting a system and corresponding budget for regular maintenance check, which is less costly.

When we talk of maintenance problem, we often hear people say that the problem with downtime is you cannot monitor it, measure it, log it, report it, track it, attack it, or delegate it. But downtime will not go away until you “eliminate it,” that is, prevent it from happening in the first place.

How? Lean maintenance is often recommended.

For websites or weblogs, downtime can be any one of the following reasons:

  1. the database or host server is down
  2. some files are deleted by accident
  3. uploading of files is interrupted, which can be due to Internet connection or the software used in uploading
  4. an open security hole that allows the site to be hacked

Can these be eliminated? For numbers 1 to 3, yes. As they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way. For number 4, it depends. I think hackers have made it their business to unlock any security there is. As I write, I have yet to restore my other pages, the Six Sigma Interview and Six Sigma Study Guide.

Now what about the cost of the downtime?

Basically if your site is earning per ad impression or clicks, you compute the earnings when the site is up during that same length of time that the site is down.

So for example a page of your site gets 10,000 views a day, then the advertiser pays $1 per 1,000 times their ad is shown, you earn $10 per day. If the site is down for a day, you will lose $10 per advertiser.

That is only a conservative estimate, and not considering the effect of a downtime on the pagerank. Ouch!

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