Strategies in Developing a Comprehensive Lean Six Sigma Culture

Posted by: meikah | 9 July 2008 | 10:12 pm

Would you like to learn strategies in developing a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma culture?

Then you shouldn’t miss the 6th Lean Six Sigma Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Excellence. You will hear practical and real-life accounts from big reputable companies.

Pfizer, Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, and others will explain their strategies in developing a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma culture.

Industry-leading companies including Baxter, Gen-Probe, Wyeth, Medtronic and Pharmatech Associates will share their insights on Lean Six Sigma at the LSS 2008 conference.

This year’s event features best methods in: Adapting approaches for deploying Lean Six Sigma into the organizational culture and environment, streamlining account payable processes with lean tools and techniques, and developing effective metrics to measure and improve the Lean Six Sigma culture within the organization.

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Six Sigma at Johnson & Johnson (Philippines)

Posted by: meikah | 18 January 2007 | 10:47 pm

Last Monday, Jan. 15, in The Philippine Star Business Section, I saw a whole page release of Johnson & Johnson (J&J)as recipient of the 2006 Philippine Quality Award (PQA).

The whole J&J organization has long been committed to quality. In fact, they started implementing Six Sigma back in 1997. Since then, they have been living with process excellence and have enjoyed big savings.

According to Rath & Strong Management Consultants of which J&J is a client, J&J has achieved the following:

  • 1997 Launch — Six Sigma methodology, deployment training, and support
  • 40 coached projects resulting in $250MM savings year 1; 60 coached projects resulting in $350MM savings year 2
  • 100,000 employees — virtually all businesses, functions, processes worldwide
  • Establishment of process-based dashboards and metrics
  • Full leadership team engaged in Six Sigma development and dashboard development and use
  • Improved reporting disciplines throughout entire business
  • Dramatic results in taking substantial costs out of the business and driving top-line growth

Back to J&J (Phils.), the company’s quality journey started in the 1980s with a purely product-focused quality mindset through the Quality Improvement Program. In the early 1990s, the program further evolved towards TQM through J&J’s own Signature of Quality.

J&J’s quality journey keeps evolving through these years by committing to Process Excellence, which all employees must undergo. According to the press release in The Philippines Start, a select few pursue advance training in Six Sigma. Right now, there are nine certified Six Sigma belts, out of a lean headcount of 173 employees. More are undergoing certification process. The belts lead and mentor company WIGS (wildly important goals) projects, provide technical coaching to other employees on improvement methodologies, and deploy the DMAIIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Implement-Control) process in addressing operational challenges.

To show that the company is really into Six Sigma, J&J (Phils.) launched Sally Sigma, a locally developed character tapped to teach concepts, demonstrate practical application of improvement tools and methodologies, do online coaching and mentoring, and communicate principles in bite-size portions. Sally Sigma has worked effectively for J&J (Phils.) that it has been adopted by other affiliates.

Rath & Strong Management Consultants, “Client Achievement—Johnson & Johnson and Six Sigma

The Philippine Star Business Section, “Johnson&Johnson (Philippines) Inc.: Journey to Quality Recipient of the PQA Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management.” January 15, 2007.

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