Applying Toyota Production System to Other Business Areas

Posted by: meikah | 8 June 2012 | 2:33 am

Toyota, the leading automotive manufacturer, has been credited for introducing an effective and efficient way of doing things. The Toyota Way, they call it, has become the bible for many manufacturing companies.

However, there has also been questions about how this strategy can  be applied to other areas of the business. Process Excellence Network finds out the answers for you.

The questions:

Q1 : We often think of the Toyota Production System as one of the exemplars of continuous improvement culture. Where does your Business Intelligence program fit in?

Q2 : Do you incorporate elements of the Toyota Production System – such as visual management, mistake-proofing, going to the “Gemba” and Kaizen, PDCA – into your Business Intelligence programme? If so, how?

Q3 : One of the challenges of anything that involves information technology is the length of time it takes to deliver them – by the time they get in the hands of users, the business needs have often moved on. I understand that you recently applied some lessons from a kitchen renovation you were doing to the difficult task of developing appropriate business intelligence tools. Can you elaborate?

Q4 : Engaging users throughout the process has got to be key to success; BI is only useful if business users utilise the information available to them. But it’s also critical that there are no data errors going into the system. What do you do to engage users so that they can realise the benefits’ of BI?

Q5 : Can you give me a concrete example?

Q6 : Business Intelligence has traditionally been an IT-based function. Do you think IT will continue to take the lead in Business Intelligence programmes? Should it?

Q7 : What would you say are the 3 keys for IT to provide greater business value?

The answers…

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Husqvarna Goes Lean Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 14 April 2011 | 9:33 pm
Husqvana, the world’s largest producer of lawn mowers, power tools, and trimmer, implements Lean Six Sigma to expand production.

In recent years, Husqvana had to deal with increased demand for thier products. So to increase production capacity, this is what the company did:

According to David Rucker, the Beatrice production line features multiple equipment models, each requiring unique assembly methods and different amounts of dedicated assembly time from the operators. Using Lean principles to balance production flow, Rucker’s team created a more visual and flexible assembly line, delivering only the next two hours’ worth of raw materials. Rucker is president of Rucker & Associates whose team specializes in finding industrial and operational efficiencies.

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The SixSig Roundup

Posted by: meikah | 22 March 2010 | 8:02 pm

SixSig Roundup

It’s time again for some link-loving and see what other blogs are saying about Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma and other quality improvement processes.

Over at You Can Be Great If You Want To blog, Tony Jacowski shares some basic characteristics of Six Sigma deployments.

The Innovation World shares how the merging of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing principles can be a powerful combination.

Listen to Chuck Overbeck talk about Six Sigma and Sales Process or Sales Sigma at Medical Sales Recruiter – Tips & Quips.

Lean Manufacturing Blog shares a video on how to use BPM with Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies.

Over at The Latest Tech News for Tech Geeks blog, the writer shares with us how to understand Lean Six Sigma principles with a simple illustration.

Check out those links and learn!

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AstraZeneca Improves with Lean Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 6 January 2010 | 8:02 pm

Lean Six Sigma at AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, is starting the year 2010 right. Already, it is working with Genpact to improve its processes and service.

According to an article on CIO, Genpact will be focusing on “processes affecting procure-to-pay, record-to-report and order-to-cash functions. It will implement Lean Six Sigma management and development methodology.

Graham Russell, head of global transactional finance at AstraZeneca, said that streamlining business processes would enable the company “to improve the effectiveness” of its finance function “in driving, measuring and reporting business performance”. It would also cut operational costs.

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Ten Commandments of Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 20 December 2009 | 7:57 pm
[youtube Q89qAbAAR3Q]
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Driving Lean for Year-end Savings

Posted by: meikah | 14 December 2009 | 9:04 pm

driving lean for year-end savings

An article on Industry Week talks about how to achieve savings at the end of the year, and as you close your books. The formula is:

Minimizing Tax Liabilities + driving Lean Manufacturing = Year-end Savings 

Opportunities for tax savings have never been better. In fact, many manufacturers are minimizing tax liabilities by identifying depreciation and R&D tax credits as they continue their pursuit of lean initiatives.

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The SixSig Roundup

Posted by: meikah | 14 December 2009 | 8:17 pm

SixSig Roundup

It’s time again for some link-loving and see what other blogs are saying about Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma and other quality improvement processes.

Jeff Pruit of Fort Wayne Politics online writes that Indianapolis takes Six Sigma to its illogical conclusion. Read on…

Over at Lean Manufacturing Blog, the role of Six Sigma in supply chain is discussed. A manufacturer can provide a quality which is highly dependent on – The Suppliers and the suppliers of suppliers. Read on…

Today’s Six Sigma features the most FAQs about Six Sigma. Many companies have heard of Six Sigma, but most have no idea what it actually is or how it works. Read on…

Over at Management Care: Project Management blog, Aaron Gonzalez writes about using Six Sigma to improve productivity by Wafer Fab. Read on…

Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard blog shares the one-day Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system Strawman creation to share with executives. Read on…

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Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing

Posted by: meikah | 30 November 2009 | 10:14 pm

The Waste Handling Equipment blog points out what happens when you integrate Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. The benefits are:

  • improved quality and reduced errors
  • reduced waste
  • improved productivity
  • reduced inventory
  • flexibility
  • safe work environment

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Accenture Launches Lean Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 29 October 2009 | 8:19 pm

Accenture, a global management consulting firm, will be launching Lean Six Sigma to boost productivity.

The firm will introduce the Lean Six Sigma program to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

According to Mr. Yemi Adetunji, Senior Director, Energy at Accenture, says,

“the programme, when embedded into the oil and gas industry would poise the firms for more efficiency, as reduces input because it requires less cost on labour, material, capital equipment and power/energy and ultimately increase productivity.”

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Lean and Beer Production

Posted by: meikah | 11 October 2009 | 7:42 pm

Molson Coors Brewing Company has under a year of operation yet. But, perhaps due to the economic slump and stiff competition, the technicians of the company realize that there is a better way to make beer: to be leaner, operationally.

If employees were to work 10- to 12-hour shifts for four days straight (and earn Fridays off), they found there would be at least a quarter less time wasted starting up and winding down operations, allowing brewing to take place 24-7.

“They’ve come back and said if we were to run our brewing operation with two guys, around the clock for the amount of time it takes to brew, then we would be more productive than if we were to do it with eight-hour windows,” said Tim Farley, packaging team leader at the Moncton brewery.

“The decision making and empowerment really came from the shop floor.”

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