Six Sigma in your Donuts

Posted by: meikah | 11 November 2007 | 8:46 pm

Perhaps, next to hamburger, you often find donuts in people’s daily food fare. Thus, running a donut business is serious business.

Six Sigma and Maidstone BakeriesMaidstone Bakeries know this too well. They produce more than 60 million donuts per week, and to ensure quality in their products and services, they feel they must go Six Sigma.

Dyadem, a leading provider of Quality Lifecycle Management and Risk Lifecycle Management solutions, will help Maidstone Bakeries, a joint venture between IAWS Group and Tim Hortons, achieve their goals.

According to Brett Kyle, Continuous Improvement training manager at Maidstone and Six Sigma master black belt:

“Six Sigma is a standard, disciplined methodology and Dyadem’s FMEA Pro-7 gave us an easy and painless way to take this approach, helping us solve problems using data rather than gut feel. Since the implementation, we’ve significantly reduced costs and clearly shifted to the next level of quality. FMEA-Pro showed us new ways to solve old problems, by helping us find the roots and develop new procedures to address them. The results were very often surprising.”

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