How to Sell Lean Six Sigma to Your Organization

Posted by: meikah | 10 May 2010 | 10:31 pm

Rick Hayes of Practitioner’s Toolbox is a Master Black Belt student and he shares that in one of his classes, he learned that you do not sell Lean Six Sigma. Instead, sell the idea about needing to implement Lean Six Sigma in your organization.

Hayes went on to say:

This is a technique that I learned during my attendance of a sales training program. When you lead a discussion with the benefits of your Lean Six Sigma, the listener is wondering why they should care. A more successful approach is to initiate the discussion with a discussion of their work issues. Lead them to bring up a chronic or long standing issue that they have been dealing with. You may already know what it is, but you let them bring it up.

Ask questions like:
- How the issue is going?
- What are they doing to work the issue right now?
- Do they expect these current efforts to succeed?
- Is that frustrating?
- How big a drain on your resources and budget is it?

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5 Elements to Consider When Developing Master Black Belts

Posted by: meikah | 26 April 2010 | 6:53 pm

When deploying Six Sigma for the first time, many corporations go into training the in-house Black Belts and Green Belts. During this stage, they get consultants to do the overseeing and mentoring of the program. This is typically a role of the Master Black Belt whose expertise is one of the long-range goals of an organization.

However, once an organization has already trained a critical number of Green Belts (GBs) and Black Belts (BBs), and management is convinced of the value of their projects, the internal development of Master Black Belts (MBBs) becomes a higher priority.

An iSixSigma article by Candace Medina lists five primary elements to consider before launching in-house MBB development:

  1. Leadership perception of the MBB role
  2. Deployment structure
  3. Candidate selection
  4. Curriculum content
  5. Demonstration criteria (abilities and responsibilities)

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On Demand Webinar For Lean Six Sigma And Quality Consultants

Posted by: meikah | 24 September 2009 | 7:03 pm

On Demand Webinar for Lean Six Sigma

Business901 introduced Marketing your Black Belt, a webinar for Lean Six Sigma Consultants and Organizations. This webinar specifically addressed issues such as customer acquisition, retention and how you effectively communicate and collaborate with them.

Joe Dager, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach presented the webinar.

Find out more about this webinar!

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