Diebold’s 4PL Model Is Founded on Lean Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 13 January 2010 | 8:20 pm

Diebold, offering a comprehensive line of self-service, security and service solutions, started with a Smart Business 200 program in 2006. With the demands of the market getting more competitive, the company knew that they had to improve the system regularly.

Thus, Diebold embarked on another continuous improvement program. This time they got outside help and brought in a fourth-party logistics provider (4PL), Menlo Logistics, to do a full supply chain assessment. The full story is here.

What is going to be noticeable about Diebold’s continuous improvement effort is that Menlo Logistics is founded on Lean Six Sigma.

“One of Menlo’s strengths is their continuous practice of Lean/Six Sigma methodology,” says Paul Dougherty (strategic procurement manager in Diebold’s global procurement organization). Menlo has hosted several Diebold workshops concentrating on strategy design, value stream mapping, and Kaizen events.

“The same Lean principles applied to core logistics functions have been applied on the manufacturing side of the house as well,” he says.

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