Innovation of the Week: MySQL’s Collaborative Community

Posted by: meikah | 11 July 2008 | 12:02 am

sixsig innovation of the weekAs the World Wide Web grows, most of the information that you would want to find or that you need has become available and free.

The concept of collaborative community is the principle behind MySQL, touted as the world’s most popular database. The company has been committed to “open-source” innovation since its founding in 1995.

In a recent interview, MYSQL chief Marten Mickos shares his ideas about why MySQL’s Internet-age version of a barn raising produces superior innovation and what motivates all those developers.

He spoke with Josh Hyatt, contributing editor of MIT Sloan Management Review, for the Business Insight Journal Report.

BUSINESS INSIGHT: What would cause a company like MySQL to make the radical move of open sourcing its product? Does a business just have to be born with that tendency toward transparency?

MR. MICKOS: Interestingly, the whole company was started by the founders writing the product code themselves. They were thinking of a closed-source product. Then one of the founders saw a presentation about open source and convinced the others that this was the way the world was going to go. That was in the first year, 1995.

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