Raytheon Professional Services (Shanghai) Wins Industry Contribution Award for Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 1 June 2009 | 5:23 am

Raytheon Professional Services

China Daily reports:

Raytheon Professional Services (Shanghai) (RPS) won the Industry Contribution Award in the 2nd Chinese Leadership Conference held by International Society Six Sigma Professional China in Beijing last week.

The American company sets a benchmark for implementing “six sigma” in sales process, especially in the auto sales area, and aims to become the model of automotive industry in the future.

The six sigma was launched for quality management in 1986 with the initial goal to design a process to lower product shortcomings in the manufacturing process. It turned into a business management strategy to design and optimize the work flow of companies in 1990s…

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Raytheon’s Six SigmaTM Employs Persons with Disabilities

Posted by: meikah | 1 October 2007 | 7:37 pm

Another featured article of iSixSigma caught my attention. It says, Raytheon helps carve new employment paths for people with disabilities through Six Sigma.

Six Sigma can actually be used to improve processes and find room for employing persons with disabilities. This is such great news!

How does Raytheon Six SigmaTM do it?

A team of Raytheon Six Sigma(TM) experts used the Raytheon Six Sigma process to validate and prioritize issues, determine root causes of barriers and identify and document optimal system changes and implementation actions required to truly remove barriers for people with disabilities to be competitively employed.

Raytheon’s unique application of Raytheon Six Sigma uses a knowledge-based process to transform culture, maximize customer value and create business growth. Unlike “traditional” Six Sigma applications, Raytheon’s six step process integrates stakeholder analysis, facilitation, high-performance teaming, data-driven tool sets and committed sponsorship to solve problems and foster innovation across many functional business areas. As a direct result of this retreat, the Raytheon Six Sigma experts identified a variety of solutions that can greatly improve the system for employment and support services for people with disabilities.

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Six Sigma Reference Feature: Six Sigma and the Chorus of the Customer

Posted by: meikah | 29 July 2007 | 6:31 pm

The customer plays a pivotal role in every organization. As competition grows stiffer by the day, companies see all the more reason to drum up efforts to retain customers, and serve them the best they could.

I stumbled upon a 2006 presentation by Bob Carter, Raytheon Six Sigma Expert (Black Belt), during the 3rd Annual Six Sigma in Service & Transactional Environments Conference. Bob discusses how Six Sigma methodologies and tools can improve cutomer relationships. The secret is in incorporating DMAIC into the cycle of understanding the market and working on how to serve it better.

View the presentation now.

Six Sigma Zone featured link.

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