Innovation of the Week: Cleantech, Silicon Valley’s Next Great Wave of Innovation

Posted by: meikah | 4 March 2010 | 7:32 pm
sixsig innovation of the week

This week’s edition of innovation update features Cleantech, Silicon Valley‘s next great wave of innovation. This time Silicon Valley is working on clean and green technologies. reports:

Silicon Valley earned its name and first great fortune as the cradle of the computer age. Then it built a launching pad for the Internet age. Now the valley has assumed a leading role in the global competition to develop renewable energy and other clean, green technologies.

Cleantech is poised to be the valley’s third great wave of innovation — not just the next big thing, but perhaps the biggest thing ever. Confronting the peril of greenhouse gases and climate change happens to be a multi-trillion-dollar business opportunity.

“Energy is the biggest opportunity Silicon Valley has ever seen,” declared T.J. Rodgers, the founder of Cypress Semiconductor and chairman of SunPower, a leading maker of photovoltaic panels to produce solar energy.

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