Process Improvement and Continuity

Posted by: meikah | 18 February 2014 | 10:12 pm

I’ve written about process improvement and business process management, and clearly, we can’t get enough of this topic.

One of my favorite quotes on processes is this, “Problem is caused by 95% system and 5% human.” Got this from Lean6Sigma. Another one is by Peter Drucker which goes, “There is nothing so useless, as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all.”

These have been my guiding principles ever since I took on the operations in my organization. At the onset, we reviewed the system, put in place processes that were not there before, but which were needed. We streamlined processes that took a lot of time, yet didn’t produce extraordinary results. Processes that were improved during that time were our recruitment and pre-recruitment skills training.

Around that time, too, we were able to maximize a software that we developed that keeps everyone in the loop. That ran for about a couple of years without much hitches, up until mid of last year when we saw the need to review the processes again.

So, in our strategic planning early this year, we reviewed the processes and found out loopholes because some steps are either missing or deemed to be done by some persons, or it is no longer applicable, or it was a closed process failing to inter-loop with other processes. We were creating silos. No wonder, some get lost in the scheme of things.

It’s really good to regularly review processes for them to be part of your system, and eventually when it is practiced efficiently, it becomes part of the culture.

I’m glad I attended workshops and conferences that helped me come up with a guide to review processes. Now, I have good news for you.

On March 11 and 12, 2014, Fiera de Manila, Inc. once again brings you The 4th Lean Six Sigma Conference. It is happening at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Philippines. The conference presents an opportunity to revolutionize your business processes. Find out and discover how you can drive your process management strategies and innovation program closer to your customers. Thought leadership and shared learnings through case studies will inspire you to drive high performance-level after attending this conference.

Visit their Facebook Page for more information and updates. Sign up now!

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The 4th Six Sigma and Process Excellence Improvement 2013

Posted by: meikah | 1 July 2013 | 11:01 pm

Fiera de Manila, Inc. brings you once again a fully packed back-to-back workshop-conference on improving your business process.

The pre-conference seminar, Business Analysis: Defining Organizational Requirements and Identifying Effective Solutions, is happening on August 7th 14th 2013 at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Conference Center.

Then the conference proper, The 4th Six Sigma and Process Improvement Conference 2013, will be on from August 8th 15th and 9th 16th at the Hotel Intercontinental Makati.

These activities will give you a closer look at how Business Process Management and Six Sigma as methodologies have significantly improved organizational performance and as drivers to innovation.

Top Reasons to Attend

  1. Understand the Six Sigma methodologies to drive and sustain organizational performance
  2. Learn to integrate Six Sigma in your business processes
  3. Know the latest customer thinking strategies
  4. Leverage on innovation and change management approaches to process excellence
  5. Learn from various case studies of Six Sigma application
  6. Network up-close and personal with Six Sigma Experts and Quality Practitioners

For more info, visit their website or their Facebook Page.


Original schedule is changed because it might fall on a holiday. Please mark your calendars for the new dates.

Register now!

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Update on Six Sigma in the Philippines – Part 1

Posted by: meikah | 28 September 2011 | 12:06 am

Last August, I attended the Six Sigma Conference 2011 at Hotel Intercontinental Manila. It has been a while since the last Six Sigma Best Practices that I attended way back in 2009.

True enough, I learned a lot of new things about Six Sigma, process improvement strategies that many Philippine-based companies have been using.

The key speaker of that conference was none other than the premier Six Sigma practitioner in the Philippines: Dan Lachica, President and CEO of First Philec Solar Corporation.

According to Lachica, Six Sigma is three things:

  1. A statistical measurement
  2. A business strategy
  3. A philosophy

And then he went on to offer a simplified definition of DMAIC, a breakthrough strategy:

Define –  Define the project GOAL & customer (internal & external) deliverables.

Measure – Establish a deeper understanding of the problem by searching for the potential root causes.

Analyze – Analyze and determine the root causes  of the problem.

Improve –  Implement the best parameter settings that will solve the problem and lead to improvement.

Control – Implement control system to sustain the improvement.

Dan Lachica also believes that to achieve operational excellence, a company has to create and nurture a Six Sigma culture. And Six Sigma alone cannot do the trick. With the present challenges in the business and economy, one needs a collaboration of all relevant strategies and work them out efficiently together.

Thus, he develops the Lachica Model:

Integrate Lean, Lean Sigma, Six Sigma, BPM/MBNQA/PQA, ISO, and TQM

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Six Sigma Conference 2011 in Manila

Posted by: meikah | 21 June 2011 | 1:19 am

Fierra De Manila brings you the Six Sigma Conference 2011 in Manila on August 4-5, 2011 at Hotel Intercontinental Manila.

Day 1, August 04, 2011, Thursday
  1. Creating a Six Sigma Culture Through Operational Excellence
  2. The Holy Grail of Six Sigma, Lean, and BPM
  3. Metrics for Successful Six Sigma Projects
  4. Using Six Sigma Approach for Fixing Performance Issues in Balanced Scorecard Model
  5. Unlocking Six Sigma for Managing Process Variation
  6. Six Sigma Project Presentation in Financial/Banking Sector
  7. Six Sigma Project Presentation in BPO Sector
  8. A Case Presentation of Continuous Improvement (CI) Implementation Program
  9. Panel Discussion
Special Break-Out Sessions
  1. Guidelines and Criteria in the Selection of Potential Six Sigma Projects
  2. Starting Your Six Sigma Projects the Right Way  92-2751

Find out more and register now!

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Dow Chemical Company Shares Six Sigma in Kuwait

Posted by: meikah | 15 June 2011 | 9:19 pm
Last month, ‘A Breakthrough Strategy for Performance Excellence’ conference was held in Kuwait. Participants from Dow Chemical Company went and shared their experiences in Six Sigma and how Six Sigma can make a difference in business operations.
“The conference was a great forum for Dow to share its Six Sigma journey, and it was a great learning opportunity for companies considering starting their own journeys. The overwhelming theme of leveraging Six Sigma’s values of continuous improvement and innovation are ideally suited to address the significant needs of businesses in Kuwait and the GCC”, said Kevin McCarron, Six Sigma Leader from Diamond Value Chain Consulting (DVCC).
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The Philippine Six Sigma Conference 2010

Posted by: meikah | 21 July 2010 | 12:34 am

Mark your calendars for The Philippine Six Sigma Conference 2010 on August 4-5, 2010 at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Philippines.

If you and your company is pushing for continuous improvement to address efficiency and enjoy great savings, then you must attend this conference.

I’ve attended several Six Sigma conferences before and every time I do, I learn something new. I guess we are really supposed to learn every day about making our processes work and remove bottlenecks along the way. With a floundering economy and a highly competitive business arena, companies really need to step up and make a difference.

Six Sigma in the Philippines is slowly getting on solid ground. More and more Philippine-based companies are going into Six Sigma. These companies are seeing that reducing wastes and improving processes are the way to go to achieve success

Thanks to Fiera de Manila and DigitalFilipino System and Software Process Improvement Network for sponsoring the conference.

It’s time to find out more about Six Sigma and how you can apply it to your organization. Register now!

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Posted by: meikah | 28 April 2010 | 7:53 pm

Continuous improvement requires continuous learning, continuous education. That is why people attend seminars or conferences to learn about the latest trends in the industry and share ideas.

Here are upcoming Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma conferences that you can check out.

Lean Six Sigma Champion Training (English)
Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico
May 03, 2010 – May 06, 2010

Six Sigma Black Belt Training – Week 1, May
Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico
May 10, 2010 – May 14, 2010

Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement in Healthcare Summit
New Orleans Marriott Hotel New Orleans, Louisiana United States
May 11, 2010 – May 14, 2010

11th Annual Lean Six Sigma & Business Excellence Summit
Sheraton Towers 39 Scotts Road Singapore 228230
May 17, 2010 – May 20, 2010

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to Black Belt Upgrade
Denver, Colorado United States
May 17, 2010 – May 21, 2010

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training, Az
Chandler, Arizona United States
May 17, 2010 – Sep 03, 2010

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
Denver, Colorado United States
Jun 21, 2010 – Jun 25, 2010

10th Lean Six Sigma for Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device Excellence
San Diego, California United States
Jul 26, 2010 – Jul 28, 2010

Check out for more conferences!

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