Looking at Lean/Six Sigma Again

Posted by: meikah | 18 September 2008 | 8:57 pm

Over at Reliable Plant, there’s a video showing Dr. James Harrington explaining Lean and Six Sigma.

Harrington is one of only five Grand Master Six Sigma black belts worldwide. He has published more than 25 books related to performance improvement. In the book Tech Trending, Dr. Harrington was referred to as “the quintessential tech trender.” Read more…

[youtube 1XNx1a_q2F8]

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Which is the Better Methodology: Lean or Six Sigma?

Posted by: meikah | 4 September 2008 | 9:50 pm

Lately, people have been comparing the two—Six Sigma and Lean. The misconception is that Lean has taken over Six Sigma, as Lean is about streamlining ang being fast. Six Sigma, on the other hand, is about data and ensuring that processes don’t deviate from the norm.

To me, each methodology has its merits and demerits. And I agree with what Craig Cook says: Lean or Six Sigma, it all depends on the execution, and how much you are willing to learn about the methodology as you go along.

View what Craig shared with Joe Dager.

[youtube P2-u4LWeACo]

IndustryWeek forum

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Six Sigma News Round-up

Posted by: meikah | 24 April 2007 | 11:21 pm

Here’s your dose of Six Sigma news from iSixSigma and YouTube.

Lean Six Sigma Cleans Up TARDEC Shop by restructuring the Design, Advanced Materials and Rapid Prototyping Center in July 2006 after identifying several types of waste: delay of locating materials, duplication and re-orders due to disorganization and ruined materials, errors in unidentified material, lost opportunity due to lack of space and incorrect inventory. To quickly correct this problem the team developed and implemented an identification system and material handling procedure that would significantly reduce waste and cost to TARDEC.

Harsco Reaffirms Company’s Continuing Growth Outlook at Annual Stockholders Meeting, Continues Six Sigma. The Annual Meeting follows one day after Harsco’s announcement of record results for the first quarter of 2007, in which the Company posted sales of $840 million, up 23 percent over the prior year, and a 39 percent increase in diluted earnings per share from continuing operations. The strong results mark Harsco’s 14th consecutive quarter of year-over-year increases in both sales and diluted earnings per share.

Linetec Named Manufacturer of Year, Six Sigma Contributes. Company president Rick Marshall thanked Linetec’s employees and also highlighted the company’s adoption of the Six Sigma philosophy to drive continuous improvement and quality. More than 50 employees have completed advanced training to lead Six Sigma projects, including collaborative projects with customers, to reduce waste, shorten lead times and yield financial savings.

Let me end this round-up with a video on YouTube:

[youtube SpcXmvpLROw]

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