Empowering Management for Successful Lean Six Sigma Seminar

Posted by: meikah | 31 August 2007 | 1:41 am

Neville Clarke-Philippines is giving promo rates to an introductory seminar on Lean Six Sigma. Grab this opportunity now!

Date: 07 Sep 2007
Fees: PHP 500.00
Time: 1:00PM -5:00PM
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel

Seminar Description

Many companies getting on Lean and Six Sigma discover that their organization is too inflexible and top-down to back-up the management principles of Lean and Six Sigma. This seminar will help you understand how this inflexibility can be tackled by re-defining the role/s of management toward a successful Lean Sigma Program implementation.

Seminar Topics
Overview of Lean Sigma concepts
The Role of Top & Middle Management
Strategy Deployment
Ensuring Success of Your Lean Sigma Program
Continual Improvement Program

Register here!

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Innovation of the Week: Mind Mapping or “Personal Brain”

Posted by: meikah | 31 August 2007 | 1:25 am

Are you facing a complex task and you seem to be getting nowhere at organizing all your thoughts? Well, Mind Mapping, otherwise known as “Personal Brain” could be the answer.

According to TechNewsWorld Product Review, Mind Mapping software is hot!

Mind mapping, for the uninitiated, is a visual method for organizing ideas — a sort of project management tool for the mind. It often involves lots of thoughts in “bubbles” connected by lines.

The language used to describe the elements of a mind map — root idea, children, siblings, etc. — parallels that used by software outliners, except mind maps don’t have the rigid vertical form outlines have. Mind maps have an air of horizontal chaos about them.

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Peter Pande’s Take on Six Sigma and Innovation

Posted by: meikah | 29 August 2007 | 7:44 pm

If you hadn’t had enough of the Six Sigma vs. Innovation, you might want to listen to this podcast.

In this eight-minute podcast, Six Sigma leader and consultant Peter Pande responds to the ongoing debate on Six Sigma vs. Innovation. Pande explores how innovation and efforts to improve business processes can compliment one another.

Listen to the podcast now.

PharmaManufacturing.com, a Six Sigma Zone featured link

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Alcoa’s Excel Extrusion plant in Warren Adopts Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 29 August 2007 | 7:18 pm

ag.jpgAlcoa Inc.’s Excel Extrusion plant in Warren takes on a new owner who expects the aluminum plant to turn its products into gold. That’s according to the press release today.

According to Allen Cain, president of Golden Aluminum Extrusion LLC, the company that bought the Warren aluminum plant, they plan to grow the 130-worker plant by operating on a 40-hour weekly production by attracting new customers.

The press release says:

While not expecting to add workers in the near future, Cain said Golden does expect the plant to return to profitability by using Six Sigma standards for quality control and the Toyota Production System for lean, speedy production.

‘‘Customers are demanding shorter lead times and higher quality,’’ he said. ‘‘We’ll assure our customers we can provide them with quality products in the shortest time. We’ll look to cut inventories while increasing the velocity of products through the plant.’’

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Tribune Chronicle, an iSixSigma featured link

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Q&A with Software AG’s Bruce Williams about Six Sigma, Lean, and BPM

Posted by: meikah | 27 August 2007 | 6:52 pm

six sigma, lean, bpmWe’ve read a lot about BPM lately and how this tool helped many successful companies improve their processes and increase their bottomlines. The next natural question would be, how will BPM fare with Six Sigma and Lean, two methodologies that most successful companies have adopted?

Intelligent Enterprise features Doug Henschen‘s Q&A with Software AG‘s Bruce Williams. They touched on the most important aspects of Six Sigma, Lean, and how a company can combine the two with BPM.

You’ve written white papers and offered seminars about the opportunity to magnify the benefits of continuous process improvement initiatives such as Six Sigma and Lean with the aid of BPM. Can you start by describing where Six Sigma and Lean have come up short?

As a rule, the Six Sigma practitioner is an industrial engineer, a mechanical engineer or maybe a business person. They are not IT people, they may not understand IT, and furthermore, when they’ve looked for data and measurement around processes, they haven’t had a lot of success getting it out of IT. The IT department has generally asked them to take a number and get in line because they have had other priorities.

As a result, Six Sigma and Lean practitioners typically collect information on their own and then they measure it, analyze it and design and implement improvements outside of enterprise IT, which means several things. Number one, there’s a lot of redundant gathering of information and a lot of problems calibrating the data sources. As a result, they’re spending way too much time in the measurement phase. Secondly, when these continuous process improvement efforts get back to the control phase, there’s no closed loop. Six Sigma and Lean teams tell people what to do to optimize a process, but it’s like herding cats [because there are no measures or control mechanisms in place].

Finally, Six Sigma and Lean initiatives have tended to affect human-centric systems, but not the system behind the iron curtain of IT. In the early years of a Six Sigma or Lean initiative you could make a lot of hay just fixing human-centric problems without ever touching IT, but the next-highest level of low-hanging fruit involves enterprise IT.

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Intelligent Enterprise, a Six Sigma Zone featured link

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Six Sigma and Software Development

Posted by: meikah | 22 August 2007 | 8:26 pm

Like any other processes, software development cannot be without defects. In fact, since I’m exposed to it, I think finding and avoiding software defects are far more difficult to do. That is because with software development, the output is always vulnerable to bugs, and you won’t know it until the software is run. One more thing, even if the software is running well already, it is still prone to bugs.

So, it’s good to hear that Six Sigma can actually help reduce software defects and improve quality. According to an article on SearchCIO.com, Six Sigma when employed to software development can do the following: 

  • Six Sigma can be used as an analytical engine for process improvement.
  • For software issues such as availability and quality of data, and the frequency in which projects go through the lifecycle, Six Sigma’s analysis methods can help uncover the root cause of different issues and procvide solutions.
  • Six Sigma can be used strategically to enable the implementation of what I call domain-specific improvement techniques.
  • Implement Motorola’s SDFSS or Software Design for Six Sigma.
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SearchCIO.com, iSixSigma featured link

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POSCO and SAIL Join and Continue Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 21 August 2007 | 9:07 pm

The steel industry will never be the same again after this, I’m sure. Two giant steelmakers are joining forces and will continue with Six Sigma for continuous improvement.

According to latest news on Chosun, Pohang Steel Company, or POSCO, and Steel Authority of India Ltd., or SAIL, signed a memorandum of understanding for a strategic partnership.

Both parties will share management techniques including management information, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Six Sigma practices over the next three years.

Source: Chosun.com, a Six Sigma Zone featured link 

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Design for Six Sigma at Daimler-Chrysler

Posted by: meikah | 20 August 2007 | 9:14 pm

daimlerchrysler_logo.jpgDuring a DaimlerChrysler Black Belt symposium, Harry Flotemersch, a certified DaimlerChrysler Master Black Belt and structured innovation leader, says that the company’s long-term project is to lead the integration of structured innovation methodologies into their DFSS, problem solving and transactional (business processes) programs.

To accomplish this, Flotemersch is doing the following:

  • overseeing dual-level mapping innovation
  • employs the following DFSS tools: quality function deployment, taguchi robust optimization, finite element analysis, FMEA, computer-aided engineering, axiomatic design, multigenerational product planning, and design verification and report

He further says, “As we all get better at making subsystems and components that are created with strong connection to the needs and wants of the customer, our focus will shift to the vehicle system as a whole. This “vehicle-centric” perspective is already emerging in our industry. New tools/methods that help us consider millions of aspects of the vehicle as a system, and still offer it in a timely fashion for our customers will be in demand.”

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Source: 6 Sigma Quality in Manufacturing

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Innovation of the Week: Nokia’s Global Design Sense

Posted by: meikah | 17 August 2007 | 4:01 am

Nokia‘s global design sense has undoubtedly put the company in the lead.

In a nutshell, the global design is making cellular phones that customers can really use wherever or whoever they are. 

BusinessWeek Online reports:

Nokia (NOK) is looking to add 2 billion new users by the end of the decade by reaching out to emerging markets, including China, Brazil, Indonesia, Africa, and India (see BusinessWeek.com, 8/6/07, “Nokia Wins with Wide-Angle Vision”).

Nokia operates nine satellite design studios located within targeted nations where researchers and designers work to customize its approach to each market, blending macro trends with micro insights. A new studio was just announced in Bangalore, India; others already operate within China and Brazil.

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Tufco, Aleris, and US Oncology Benefit from Lean and Six Sigma

Posted by: meikah | 16 August 2007 | 8:18 pm

If you need more proof that Lean and Six Sigma are the paths to take to achieve business sucess, then read the stories below.  

Last week, Tufco Technologies Inc. announced that over the past two years, the company has significantly expanded and upgraded its operations while recording more than 2 million hours without a lost-time injury. Tufco has adopted the Six Sigma and Lean processes and more than doubled annual wipes capacity in four months, and has achieved five times less waste than before implementing Lean. Continue reading…

Early this week, Aleris International, Inc. announced too that because of Lean and Six Sigma, it enjoyed $1.6 billion reveneus in the 2nd quarter of 2007, a 60% increase from last year’s, and productivity and synergy savings of $31 million. The company has also expanded its inventory hedging program. Continure reading…

US Oncology Holdings, Inc. also announced this week that it is now enjoying a revenue of $753.4 million, EBITDA of $52.9 million, net loss of $0.4 million, and operating cash flow of $70.6 million for the quarter ended June 30, 2007. All these benefits and savings the company owes to Lean and Six Sigma. Continue reading…

All three companies vow to continue with their Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.

Source: iSixSigma News

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