When Six Sigma Meets Project Management

Posted by: meikah | 27 May 2008 | 8:20 pm

The meeting of the two is destined. Well, why not? When both are working toward carrying out projects successfully.

Over at FM & Beyond, there is a good discussion on PM meeting Six Sigma. Here are the suggested ways:

  • Developing a solid Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) brings clarity.
  • Put your project planning process under the microscope.
  • Increase your Risk Management focus.
  • Be intentional about PM skills and career development.
  • Water from the top, grow from the bottom.

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Well, I am project managing two content based websites right now, and I find the list above very useful indeed. For sometime now, I have been thinking of how to continually motivate my team. Right now they’re doing well in their individual tasks and I don’t want malaise affect their performance.

You know how it is when you do the same things for a period of time, you are bound to get fed up. So, right now, I’m stil mulling over these things. And I’d like to take the suggestions above very seriously.

I’ll update you how it goes. Meanwhile, perhaps you have other suggestions. Do share them here.

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Lean Six Sigma at Kent Hospital in Turkey

Posted by: meikah | 27 May 2008 | 7:29 pm

eMediaWire announces:

One year after pioneering the first Lean Six Sigma deployment at a healthcare facility in Turkey, Kent Hospital shared its success stories at the Six Sigma & Lean Conference held in Izmir, Turkey on May 9-11, 2008.

Kent Hospital made its presentation on how Lean Six Sigma can be implemented at a hospital, and co-facilitated a workshop with its deployment partner, NOVACES, a consulting and training firm. In his presentation on Lean Six S?gma in hospitals, Mesut Guderel, deputy leader of Kent’s Lean Six Sigma coordination team showed how they improved patient billing, materials management, discharge and bypass surgery processes.

“There is a belief that Lean Six Sigma is more applicable in the manufacturing industry. However, by applying Lean Six Sigma tools to hospital processes, for example, we shortened the discharge process from 134 minutes to 79 minutes and the ratio of patient files waiting for doctor signature went down from 26% to 1%. And while increasing patient satisfaction and improving quality, the hospital also saw serious financial gains. Training financed itself from the very beginning.”

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Six Sigma at Citation Corporation

Posted by: meikah | 27 May 2008 | 7:00 pm

Six Sigma at Citation CorporationCitation Corporation designs, develops and manufactures high-quality cast, machined and assembled components for the automotive, heavy trucks, and industrial markets. It employs 2,700 associates in Alabama, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

East Texas News reports that Citation just certified its first wave of Six Sigma Green Belts. The company eyes a company-wide initiative to certify 42 Six Sigma Green Belts at its castings facilities in 2008.

For this initiative, a GE Master Black Belt team is providing the company with training and project mentoring.

Citation’s COO, Cary Wood:

“Six Sigma certification is a valuable tool that is helping us reduce process variation and drive continuous improvement throughout our manufacturing operations. With these certifications, we are planning double-digit improvements in quality indicators. Additionally, Six Sigma methods will add support to our existing Lean initiatives already underway, aimed at strengthening our position as a world-class supplier.”

This initiative combined with the existing 18 Six Sigma Black Belts and the 21 members of senior management who recently received executive overview training, brings the total count to 81 employees, or 18 percent of the salaried workforce, who have gone through some level of Six Sigma training in the past six months.

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iSixSigma News

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Looking for iSixSigma Live 2009 Summit Sessions and Ideas (And Speakers)

Posted by: meikah | 25 May 2008 | 10:23 pm

iSixSigma Live!Michael Cyger of iSixSigma blogosphere is inviting you, your ideas, and your participation to the iSixSigma Live 2009 Summit. Check his invite-post now!

Last May 1, you were also invited to the premiere of the iSixSigma Live! Social and Networking Party in Seattle. The event was very successful, and Michael Cyger himself wrote about it.

If you had been to that premiere or you missed it, then you wouldn’t want to miss the summit in 2009, do you?

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A Story About Airline Kaizen

Posted by: meikah | 25 May 2008 | 8:14 pm

Over at MBTmag, Mark Graban shares a story about an airline kaizen, where airlines slow down flights to save on fuel.

Mark says that it’s good to have airlines do Kaizen, instead of whining about high fuel prices and cutting down on employees salaries.

But what does airline slow down mean?

Literally, it’s where an airplane flies slower and so the flights take a bit longer, much like a car driving slowly to save on fuel. What I do know however is that the most fuel efficient driving is to go 80-100km/hr. And if we drive slow using low gear, you’re even consuming more gasoline.

Now, an airplane can actually fly slower?

Saving on gas is good, and I’m all for it. But I’m not quite sure if longer flights would be good for businessmen who had to adjust their time schedules in order not to waste on time.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, here’s how Kaizen can work with Six Sigma.

Six Sigma Zone News 

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Lean Six Sigma at Wastequip, Inc.

Posted by: meikah | 25 May 2008 | 7:33 pm

lean six sigma at Wastequip, Inc.Wastequip Inc., a world leader in garbage and waste handling equipment, is going “greener” by embracing environmental leadership and efficiencies across all aspects of its operations. That is the vision of Wastequip’s President and CEO, Bob Rasmussen.

By doing that the company believes that they will be able to streamline services that help contain costs and improve customer support.

Mr. Rasmussen further said:

“Our focus going forward will be to improve customer service and reduce costs through practices involving reduced energy consumption, CO2 emissions and increased recycling. These improvements will be driven by our focus on LEAN Six Sigma manufacturing and management processes.”

In fact, Wastequip’s on-going efforts is to accelerate its LEAN Six Sigma programs, which have already resulted in significant improvements in operational efficiencies and quality control. For example, plant managers are being trained in LEAN practices and are in the process of working toward Green Belts in LEAN.

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Solid Waste & Recycling

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Lean Six Sigma: A Catalyst for Change

Posted by: meikah | 23 May 2008 | 3:44 am

lean six sigma, catalystChange is good. But sometimes people refuse it because they’ve become complacent. Complacency though is the beginning of downfall.

Anything that means improvement also means change. Yet, for any business to grow, it must embrace change. One catalyst for change is Lean Six Sigma.

An article on iSixSigma discusses how Lean Six Sigma can serve as a change management tool:

Lean Six Sigma drives change in an organization. It inspires people to look at their processes differently – through the data-savvy lens of waste awareness – and to discover, characterize and control their processes. In so doing, this behavior drives process improvements, which often require changes to be communicated, deployed and managed.

But Lean Six Sigma also is, in and of itself, a change management tool that will facilitate the changes that it requires, as well as those of other change initiatives in an organization. As such, even the deployment of Six Sigma enables, rather than impedes, simultaneous change initiatives.

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Six Sigma Improving Outsourcing Solutions

Posted by: meikah | 23 May 2008 | 2:33 am

According to the news on CNN Money, Genpact and ICG Commerce have joined forces to offer Source-to-Pay Solution.

Genpact, which manages business processes around the world, and ICG Commerce, a leading procurement outsourcing specialist, have collaborated to offer an unmatched “Source-to-Pay” outsourcing solution. The solution combines superior sourcing capabilities, spend analytics and ongoing category management with procurement and accounts payable capabilities to maximize business impact.

Source-to-Pay outsourcing offers companies a significant savings opportunity by reducing indirect spend which can be a significant portion of total company expenditures, while also delivering considerable process efficiencies. However, realizing this potential value requires the combination of two distinct competencies: deep sourcing and supplier market expertise and global purchase-to-pay process management.

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Genpact has been known for its Six Sigma-based process reengineering capabilities and operational excellence. While, ICG Commerce brings its global sourcing and category expertise and proven track record of helping clients achieve measurable savings on spend.

In other words, both companies are big on reducing costs and maintaining quality in their operations. To bring cost reduction and Six Sigma into the outsourcing industry is one effective business sense.

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Teaching the Six Sigma Concept Early On

Posted by: meikah | 23 May 2008 | 2:12 am

In a recent press release by Inside Indiana Business, datelined at Muncie, Indiana, students with a minor in process improvement can now earn Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

six sigma educationBall State University is incorporating a nationally recognized business management strategy and an immersive (sic) learning experience into the core of a new minor as a result of a gift-in-kind valued at $1.4 million from a prominent alumnus.

As part of the gift, the university’s School of Extended Education also will offer Six Sigma education training programs as part of its online curriculum.

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We all know the cost of Six Sigma trainings, and so I see this as a good development. Starting them young and instilling in them the value of quality is a good thing. If these graduates one day hold management positions or they start their own business, selling the Six Sigma idea to them won’t be a problem. Buy-in time will be reduced considerably.

I believe in spreading the good news about Six Sigma and any other quality methodologies.

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How Lean Six Sigma is Improving Processes at Sharp Healthcare

Posted by: meikah | 20 May 2008 | 7:49 pm

Lean Six Sigma at Sharp HealthcareSince 2001, Mike Murphy, CEO of Sharp Healthcare, has been into quality methodologies to drive his company forward. But he didn’t believe in only one methodology, so he has done multiple projects using Malcolm Baldrige evaluation criteria and Lean Six Sigma improvement processes.

By starting with a focused plan, listening to feedback and then implementing Lean Six Sigma programs, Murphy has been able to make quality the engine that drives Sharp HealthCare.

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SmartBusiness Online

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