Innovation of the Week: Innovation on Demand in Russia

Posted by: meikah | 24 June 2010 | 7:15 pm
sixsig innovation of the week

This week’s edition of innovation update features Russia, which aims to build its own Silicon Valley.

The Wall Street Journal Europe reports:

Russia has feted its scientists for generations, but the fall of the Soviet Union forced the country to come up with a new way to harness their talents.

Earlier this year, President Dmitry Medvedev appointed the businessman Viktor Vekselberg to help set up an international center for technological innovation, which is aimed at attracting the world’s best engineers, programmers and venture capitalists to Russia. So far, the project has won support from Nokia, Cisco and a large U.S. private equity fund.

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Volcano Eruption Tests Europe’s Lean Organizations

Posted by: meikah | 21 June 2010 | 10:07 pm

Do you still remember the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption in Iceland last April? It canceled flights and affected the Lean supply-chain structures of the continent and across the globe, even to this day.

From the reports of BBC and Bloomberg News, the following are the companies that were affected by their inability to handle their JIT supply-chain lapses:

  • BMW reported a reduction in output at three of its car manufacturing plants in Germany and one in Spartanburg, N.C., USA.
  • Nissan had to shut down production lines in Japan for its Cube, Murano, and Rogue vehicles because air-pressure sensors from Ireland could not be shipped.
  • Dell experienced delays in sending notebook computers to European customers.
  • South Korean electronics firms Samsung and LG said that exports of their products fell by 20 percent during the flight ban.

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Citi’s Business Process Reengineering Program is Lean-based

Posted by: meikah | 21 June 2010 | 9:22 pm

After a market letdown and with a very diverse product range, Citi‘s new management introduced Lean methods, which leads to the Citi reengineering method. Some of three critical success factors of the program:

  1. leadership – the strong management sponsorhip, which allows key employees to leave their dayjobs to do their special assignments for the reengineering program
  2. people – able to source resources withtin the talent pool of the organization
  3. finance – strong substantial financing for the reengineering program

Listen more about it from Sofie Blakstad, Head of Reengineering O&T EMEA for Citi, who shares her company’s business process reengineering story at the 11th Annual IQPC Process Excellence Summit and Awards.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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3 Methods to Sharpen New Deployment Champions

Posted by: meikah | 15 June 2010 | 8:11 pm

An article on iSixSigma shares three methods to sharpen new deployment champions.

  1. Provide Early Training – Investing in workshops gives a company’s executive leadership insight into LSS and why organizations invest in a LSS program.
  2. Apply Little’s Law -  Little’s Law, one of the fundamental principles taught in most LSS training curricula, formula: Lead time (LT) = Work-in-process (WIP) / Average completion rate (ACR).
  3. Establish a Robust Project Selection Process – have a rigorous process in place to ensure that project work is in constant alignment with the LSS program and organizational goals.

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Podcast: Beginning Your Lean Six Sigma Journey: How to Engage Your CFO

Posted by: meikah | 10 June 2010 | 8:58 pm

The success of any Six Sigma deployment depends on management support. Often, the challenge prior to project deployment is convincing management of the benefits of the project.

There are ways however to do it, and in this podcast, you will learn how to effectively convey the financial benefits of your Lean Six Sigma program to your CFO to get his full support.

Tapping into the mind of a CFO, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with Dave McSherry, CFO/COO of ACPO Ltd. McSherry provides strategies and  tools that you can use to get your CFO fully onboard with your Lean Six Sigma program.

Listen to the podcast now!

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The 5V Approach to Increase Plant Efficiency

Posted by: meikah | 8 June 2010 | 8:02 pm

I stumbled upon this interesting article on iSixSigma about using the 5V approach to increase plant efficiency. As pointed out by the author, this 5V approach already includes the Lean Six Sigma principles.

The five V’s are:

  1. Voice of the Customer
  2. Value Addition
  3. Value Stream Mapping
  4. Variation Zero
  5. Visual Management

Read more about these 5Vs…

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Quality Quiz from PQ Systems e-Line

Posted by: meikah | 8 June 2010 | 7:41 pm

PQ Systems Quality E-Line

PQ Systems through it’s Quality eline newsletter brings us another quality quiz by Professor Leary.

For this month’s quiz, and a chance to win a copy of the newly-released collection of Quality Quiz Classics. Submit your response by June 28 to be entered in the drawing.

Here’s the quiz:

Quinn Quip, our hero of sample size, decided that all that thinking last month merited a short vacation, where he continued to ponder the implications of sample sizes that produce sample proportions that fall within 2 percent of the proportional mean. Reviewing formulas, textbooks, and video training, he remembered that the sample size of 2400 would mean that he could be 95 percent confident that the sample proportion would be within 2 percent of the true proportion. (Remember that  = 5 was used as a conservative estimate for sample size.)

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Winners of last month’s quiz and a copy of the Quality Quiz Classics DVD:

Benjamin Ayers (Bridgestone)
Dr. Sofica Bistriceanu (EGPRN, NAPCRG)
Diane Dixon (Future Electronics)
Andrew McDonald (Davey Water Products)
Debbie Meeks (Sentara Healthcare)


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Innovation of the Week: Hotbeds of Innovation

Posted by: meikah | 4 June 2010 | 12:39 am
sixsig innovation of the week

This week’s edition of innovation update features a talk by Anil Gupta, founder of Honey Bee Network.

Gupta shares where to get inspiration for innovation, even in places where you least expect it.
Listen to his talk here.

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Podcast: Six Sigma in the Public Sector : Erie County’s Six Sigma Deployment

Posted by: meikah | 2 June 2010 | 7:24 pm

I have featured several times how Erie County has been implementing Six Sigma and enjoying its benefits. You can read up those posts again. After which, listen to a podcast on Erie County’s Six Sigma Deployment.

Hosted by Steven C. Wilson, the podcast will have Bill Carey, Director of Six Sigma for Erie County to share with us the challenges, the journey, and the success of Erie County’s Six Sigma deployment initiatives.

Sked: June 3, 2010, 8AM
Length: 45 minutes

Connect to the podcast here.

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