Six Sigma Conference 2011 in Manila

Posted by: meikah | 21 June 2011 | 1:19 am

Fierra De Manila brings you the Six Sigma Conference 2011 in Manila on August 4-5, 2011 at Hotel Intercontinental Manila.

Day 1, August 04, 2011, Thursday
  1. Creating a Six Sigma Culture Through Operational Excellence
  2. The Holy Grail of Six Sigma, Lean, and BPM
  3. Metrics for Successful Six Sigma Projects
  4. Using Six Sigma Approach for Fixing Performance Issues in Balanced Scorecard Model
  5. Unlocking Six Sigma for Managing Process Variation
  6. Six Sigma Project Presentation in Financial/Banking Sector
  7. Six Sigma Project Presentation in BPO Sector
  8. A Case Presentation of Continuous Improvement (CI) Implementation Program
  9. Panel Discussion
Special Break-Out Sessions
  1. Guidelines and Criteria in the Selection of Potential Six Sigma Projects
  2. Starting Your Six Sigma Projects the Right Way  92-2751

Find out more and register now!

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Quality Quiz from PQ Systems e-Line

Posted by: meikah | 19 June 2011 | 9:16 pm

PQ Systems through it’s Quality eline newsletter brings us another quality quiz by Professor Leary.

For this month’s quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Quality Gamebox, submit your response by June 24 to be entered in the drawing.

Here’s the quiz:

Nadha Klu, manager for Xcelent Xtrusion, is intent on securing the best price for a plastic part used in an assembly item for Zero Defects Company. He has been negotiating with Ben N. Jayle, a salesman from No Warranty No Worry Manufacturing. Ben has demonstrated a mock-up of a plastic part that his company has produced, based on engineering specifications provided by Nadha’s purchasing department. “I can save you money,” Ben urges, adding that “a part’s a part” when it involves such a small component in the process.

Continue on with the quiz…

Winners of last month’s quiz who will get a copy of Quality Gamebox:

Richard Copley (Anaxas)
Terrance Kieswether (Eaton Corporation)
Chidananda Puttarevanna (ERC Services Pty. Ltd.)
Kristen van Bergen (Littleton Regional Hospital)
Patricia D. Welch (Parker Hannifin Corp.)
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Dow Chemical Company Shares Six Sigma in Kuwait

Posted by: meikah | 15 June 2011 | 9:19 pm
Last month, ‘A Breakthrough Strategy for Performance Excellence’ conference was held in Kuwait. Participants from Dow Chemical Company went and shared their experiences in Six Sigma and how Six Sigma can make a difference in business operations.
“The conference was a great forum for Dow to share its Six Sigma journey, and it was a great learning opportunity for companies considering starting their own journeys. The overwhelming theme of leveraging Six Sigma’s values of continuous improvement and innovation are ideally suited to address the significant needs of businesses in Kuwait and the GCC”, said Kevin McCarron, Six Sigma Leader from Diamond Value Chain Consulting (DVCC).
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Innovation of the Week: Depositing Checks Through Your Mobile

Posted by: meikah | 13 June 2011 | 9:13 pm
sixsig innovation of the week
Click on the  image to know more about Innovation of the Week.

This week’s edition of innovation update features USAA Bank‘s check deposits through mobile, called remote deposit capture.

Check out the video now!

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